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As a premier school of applied business learning, the College of Business and Economics prepares its graduates to achieve excellence in their professional careers. Rigorous academic studies and hands-on business experience—all subject to strict measures of performance— work in combination to develop the foundation for success, connect students with the professional community and transform students who will have a positive impact in and beyond Maryland.

 Graduates of Towson University’s College of Business and Economics will:

 Apply Business Knowledge in the Context of Professional Employment

  • Demonstrate knowledge of business concepts and theories
  • Successfully complete a quality, mentored, reflective professional experience in preparation for future employment

 Communicate Properly and Effectively

  • Write professional documents that provide audience-centric content, rhetorically appropriate organization, and follow accepted conventions of design, style, grammar, punctuation and mechanics
  • Make articulate and persuasive oral presentations

Apply Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills to Organizational Decision Making

  • Conduct internal and external analyses of domestic and global organizations, formulate strategies, and identify issues with implementing these strategies
  • Practice creative ideation
  • Develop comprehensive, justified conclusions that result from systematic application of relevant information and decision criteria to decision alternatives within a realistic organizational decision context

Use Technology Effectively in Business Settings

  • Demonstrate capability in the use of analytical software
  • Utilize state-of-the-practice software for business applications

Work Effectively Toward Achieving Common Goals within Diverse Teams

  • Guide teams, as leaders and followers, to achieve team goals while maintaining group cohesion, follower satisfaction, and efficient operations
  • Treat others with respect and show sensitivity to their views, values, cultures, and customs

 Distinguish Between Ethical and Unethical Conduct in the Professional Lives

  • Explain how ethical conduct of managers affects individuals’ motivation and organizations’ performance
  • Apply ethics in business decision-making, considering the impact of ethical conduct on multiple stakeholders

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