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As a premier school of applied business learning, the College of Business and Economics prepares its graduates to achieve excellence in their professional careers. The College of Business and Economics’ combination of rigorous academic studies and hands-on business experience—all subject to strict measures of performance— develop the following Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) that are the foundation for professional success:

Accredited Business Knowledge

  • Know, apply and integrate the content of one’s major


  • Write articulate, persuasive and influential reports, proposals, letters
  • Make articulate, persuasive and influential oral presentations
  • Develop graphic, spreadsheet and business analysis to support position taken
  • Engage in active listening in individual and group settings

Thinking: Critical and Creative

  • Identify problems and/or opportunities using disciplinary concepts
  • Generate and evaluate feasible alternatives
  • Develop comprehensive, justified conclusions and recommendations using qualitative and/or quantitative tools


  • Use general and discipline-specific software for state-of-the-practice business applications

Leadership and Teamwork

  • Focus on goal achievement
  • Guide team toward the achievement of common goals
  • Maintain group cohesion, follower satisfaction, and efficient operations

Ethics and Values

  • Display ethical conduct and honor-system behavior
  • Apply ethics in business decision-making, considering the impact on multiple stakeholders

Attitude and Practical Excellence

  • Be attentive, proactive and ready to learn
  • Meet commitments and complete tasks according to assigned requirements
  • Treat others with respect; show sensitivity to their views, values and customs


  • Show evidence of a quality, mentored, reflective professional experience
  • Demonstrate effective job search: career portfolio, resume and interview skills
  • Assume responsibility for one's own career management and goal-setting

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