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Shelby Cooperman

Shleby Cooperman

What got you first interested in business and banking?
I have always been interested in business and originally I wanted to do corporate law, but as I got into more marketing classes and my Spanish minor, I truly loved the business major. As for banking I joined a Management Associate program and that was my introduction to banking. It is really all about my customers and I am a people person!

Do you have any moments from your time at the College of Business and Economics that stand out to you in terms of shaping your education or future?
All the leadership events I was involved in and being a part of the Associate Competition really prepared me for a professional career. The events and competition helped refine my public speaking and presentation skills. They also helped me get comfortable with networking and talking with others that I didn't know. The Associate helped me manage my time and life with work and class. It was hard but I know I can get through anything after all that stress and pressure in my senior year!

What is a typical work day like for you?
A typical work day is 10 hours long. It includes seven hours with helping customers and educating them on our bank and how we can help. I talk to existing customers from both the personal and business accounts as well as prospective new customers. It also includes managing a staff of 12 people to help them meet their goals and expectations set at the beginning of each year. I am a leader, a coach, a friend, and a banker. I have a lot of expectations and goals to meet myself, and I need to be on top of my game every day.

Meet Shelby Cooperman

Title: Retail Branch Manager, Banking Officer
Company: M&T Bank
Grad year: 2008
Degree: Business Administration with a concentration in international business and marketing with a minor in Spanish

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