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The Department of e-Business and Technology Management encourages scholarship through a research seminar series that features faculty presentations of recent work to faculty and students within the department and College of Business and Economics. 

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Past Seminars

Coordination in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management

April 10, 2015 
Presented by Chaodong Han

Grounded in systems thinking and coordination theory, this study intends to build a typological framework of coordination in humanitarian supply chain management, disaster relief operations in particular. Following established case study methodologies, we collect archival data on five relief operations - 2010 Haiti Earthquake, 2010 Chile Earthquake, 2008 China Earthquake, 2005 U.S. Katrina and 2004 South Asia Tsunami and conduct a comparative case study. Through identifying coordination problems and assessing coordination mechanisms used accordingly, we build a typological coordination framework for disaster relief operations.

Does donation facilitate electricity saving?

Nov. 7, 2014
Presented by Hiroko Okajima

Smart meters present new opportunities that have not been possible with traditional meters. They can facilitate improving energy efficiency by providing near real-time usage information. Motivated by the growing interests on electricity saving programs using smart meters, we conduct laboratory experiments to explore how people react to individual and group monetary/nonmonetary incentives to save electricity. Specifically, we examine the effects of donation on electricity saving.

Assessing and Standardizing Military Unit Readiness
April 4, 2014
Presented by Natalie Scala

One of the most difficult measurements to obtain with some level of accuracy is military readiness to provide defense. The U.S. military has a requirement for units to report an overall readiness rating based on a multitude of factors. This research examines the current readiness reporting method and proposes a new benchmarking system based on desirability functions from quality theory, assessing readiness on quantitative and qualitative scales with aggregation so that a holistic approach is taken.

Modeling Agent Auctions in the Two Dimensions of Price and Quantity
Nov. 1, 2013
Presented by Barin Nag

In agent-based multi-period auction trading, inventory costs and trading penalties affect two dimensional decisions of price and quantity to trade or carry over. Cooperation and collaboration between buyer agents and seller agents respectively facilitate trades. Heuristic algorithms implementing a mathematical model demonstrate the effectiveness in a simulation experiment.

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