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Student Profile: Meredith Walter

Why did you decide to major in e-Business?Meredith Walter
Coming into Towson, I knew that I enjoyed technology and working with computers, but I wanted to work in a business field when I got older. At my Destination Towson visit when I was still a senior in high school, I participated in the College of Business and Economics portion of the event. All the different majors within the college were introduced and explained. I remember very vividly that the moment e-Business was described as an upcoming sector with high demand that encompassed business and technology, I wanted to major in it. Once I heard that several businesses in and around Towson and Baltimore helped to create the curriculum for it, I knew it was something that would help myself become more marketable to future employers over regular business administration majors.

What would you say to someone considering a degree in e-Business or a combined
I would say—and have said to many people—definitely do it! e-business is a major that is only offered in a few schools in the United States! It guarantees to set you apart from other applicants for any job. In conjunction with several other business administration majors, it is only a matter of four or five extra courses—which levels out to be about eight extra weeks. With the help of summer courses and minimesters, there is still a really good chance you can graduate in four years. If you choose not to do the combined degree, as Dr. Tomasi has always told the students she's spoken to, it could be eight more weeks and graduate with two degrees or spend those eight weeks sitting on your couch trying to find a job along with all the other general business administration majors out there: it's your choice. Getting an e-Business degree along with your business administration degree and its concentration, gives you an automatic leg up to your competition, just do it!

You are the President, of the e-Business Association. What does the e-BA do? Why should students join the e-BA?
Our goal is to provide students with the hands-on experience that they do not get in their everyday classroom. Sometimes this includes guest speakers, job fairs and networking events. Our upcoming event is an e-business and Project Management Alumni Panel Discussion. We're reaching out to Towson graduates from the programs to come and network with current students so they can see what can be done with the majors and how successful the students have the potential to be!

What advice would you give to up-and-coming students within the College of Business and Economics?

Be proactive, be proactive, be proactive. I cannot stress this enough. The fields in the College of Business and Economics are screened and only the proactive will get access to the majors. If you know you definitely want a major within the College of Business and Economics, start your freshman year to plan out your schedule years in advance. It will save you big time in the end. If your FYE does not know enough about your selected program, meet with a professor in the department, they will be more than happy to help you. Start your lower level business courses early: accounting, economics, business and law etc. Take your CPE as early as you can and prepare for it! Join a club that relates to your major. Last and certainly not least, plan out your courses for years to come—some are only offered certain semesters and they are prerequisites for other courses. Be proactive about your schedule and enjoy your years at Towson!!

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