College of Business & Economics

Department of Economics

Degree Requirements

Students in the Economics Track complete the major in Business Administration and 21 units of Economics requirements.

These requirements are for catalog year 2015-2016. If your catalog year is different, please refer to the specific requirements in your specific catalog.

Lower-Level Required Courses (20-21 units)

Course Number Course Name
ACCT 201 or
ACCT 211
Principles of Financial Accounting (3) or 
Honors Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
ECON 201 or
ECON 203
Microeconomics Principles (3) or 
Honors Microeconomic Principles (3)
ECON 202 or
ECON 204
Macroeconomics Principles (3) or 
Honors Macroeconomic Principles (3)
EBTM 250 Problem Solving in Business I (1)
EBTM 251 Problem Solving in Business II (1)
LEGL 225 Legal Environment of Business (3)
MATH 211 or
MATH 273
Calculus for Applications (3) or 
Calculus I (4)
Select one of the following:
ECON 205 or Statistics for Business and Economics I (3)
MATH 231 or
MATH 233
Basic Statistics (3) or 
Honors Basic Statistics (3)
Admission to the BUAD major requires an average GPA of 2.7 or higher in the eight courses required for admission. A grade of C or higher is required in each individual course.

Required Business Courses (open to Pre-BUAD majors) (18 units)

Course Number Course Name
ACCT 202 or
ACCT 212
Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)or 
Honors Accounting Principles II (3)
BUSX 301 Business Communications (3)
EBTM 337 Enterprise Information Systems (3)
FIN 331 Principles of Financial Management (3)
MNGT 361 Leadership and Management (3)
MKTG 341 Principles of Marketing (3)

Required Business Courses (open to BUAD majors only) (12 units)

Course Number Course Name
BUSX 460 Professional Experience (3)
EBTM 350 Business Analytics (3)
EBTM 365 Principles of Operations Management (3)
MNGT 481 Strategic Management (3)
BUAD majors are required to complete the Bloomberg Essentials Certification for Equities prior to graduation.



Economics Courses (21 units)

Course Number Course Name
ECON 309 Intermediate Price Theory (3)
ECON 310 Macroeconomic Theory (3)
ECON 313 Money and Banking (3)
Four upper-level ECON electives (ECON 409 Managerial Economics is recommended; Neither ECON 306 nor an ECON 497 Internship may count as one of the track electives) (12)

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