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Panama Program - Degree Requirements

Students begin their Business Administration (BUAD) program as pre-business majors (PBUA). For the first two years, students complete the University Core requirements with the University of Louisville and the lower level required business courses with Towson University. The University Core requirements are designed to help the student gain essential intellectual skills and knowledge that will be important throughout one’s life. These skills involve gathering and evaluating information, written and oral communication, appreciating diverse points of view and understanding and formulating clear ideas and values.

Students must earn a minimum of 120 units for a bachelor’s degree, and have a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.0, with a 2.7 GPA for the lower-level required business courses. The degree requirements are met through the University Core requirements, the business administration major with a concentration in management courses and other course work to meet the 120 units. Courses that fit within each Towson Core category and which University teaches the course are listed below.

University Core (43 units)

Core Course Name School Units
1. Towson Seminar TSEM 102 Manager Your Money and Beyond  Towson 3
2. English Composition ENGL 102 Intermediate College Writing  Louisville 3
3. College Mathematics College Algebra
MATH 111
Louiseville 3
4. Creativity and Creative Development TA 207 Enjoyment of Theater Louisville 3
5. Arts and Humanities COMM 201 Principles of Communications Louisville 3
Ways of Knowing (10 units)
Core Course School Units
6. Social and Behavioral Sciences PSYC 201 Introduction to Psychology Louisville 3
7. Biologicla and Physical Science (lab) CHEM 201 and 203 General Chemistry with lab Louisville 4
8. Biological and Physical Science GEOS 200 The Global Environment Louisville 3
Writing in the Chosen Field (3 units)
Core Course School Units 
9. Advanced Writing Seminar ENGL 306 Business Writing Louisville
Perspectives (15 units)
Core Course School Units
10. Metropolitan Perspectives POLS 399 Political Issues in Latin America Louisville 3
11. The United States as a Nation HUMM 152 Cultures of America Louisville 3
12. Global Perspectives HIST102 History of Civilizations II Louisville 3
13. Diversity & Difference COMM 440 Intercultural Communications Louisville 3
14. Ethical Issues & Perspectives MNGT 482 Business Ethics and Sustainability Towson 3

Other Course Work (3 Units)

Course School Units
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing Louisville 3

Business Administration Courses

Lower-level Required Business Courses* (20 Units)
Course School Units
ACCT 201: Principles of Financial Accounting Towson 3
ECON 201: Microeconomic Principles Towson 3
ECON 202: Macroeconomic Principles Towson 3
EBTM 250 Problem Solving in Business I Towson 1
EBTM 251 Problem Solving in Business II Towson 1
ECON 205: Statistics for Business and Economics I Towson 3
LEGL 225: Legal Environment of Business Towson 3
MATH 180 Elements of Calculus Louiseville 3
*Note: The College of Business and Economics has limited the number of courses that may be repeated by pre-business majors. Our repeat policy is that you may only repeat no more than TWO courses in the nine lower level courses listed above, of which no more than one course may be repeated twice prior to admission to the major.
Required Business Courses (30 units)
Course School Units
Open to eligible pre-business students (in pending category)
ACCT 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting Towson 3
BUSX 301: Business Communications Towson 3
EBTM 337: Information Technology Towson 3
FIN 331: Principles of Financial Management Towson 3
MKTG 341 Principles of Marketing Towson 3
MNGT 361 Management and Leadership Towson 3
Open to majors only
EBTM 350 Business Analytics Towson 3
EBTM 365 Principles of Operations Management Towson 3
MNGT 481: Business Strategy and Policy Towson 3
BUSX 460: Professional Experience (Requires Approved Internship) Towson 3
International Business Concentration (24 units)
Course School Units
MNGT 375 International Business: Theory and Practice Towson 3
FIN 435 International Finance Towson 3
MNGT 438 Multinational Management and Culture Towson 3
MKTG 445 International Marketing  Towson 3
ECON 305 Survey of International Economics Towson 3
SPAN 323  Spanish is the Workplace Louisville 3
LEGL 470 International Law Towson 3
LALS 319 Special Topics in Latin American Studies Towson 3


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